Mystery Babylon The Great Whore

"Mystery Babylon the Great Whore", the FOURTH BOOK by ROBERT G. BARBARIA, has 37 chapters that cover a wide variety of subject matters. This BOOK was WRITTEN to further clarify certain subjects that were covered in the other THREE BOOKS, but left some things still somewhat open to interpretation. "Mystery Babylon the Great Whore" warns throughout its entirety of the serious consequences associated with the belief and teaching of false interpretations of THE WORD of GOD, and it does so most pointedly. The BOOK explains how Religious Leaders and the "so called" Christian Churches throughout the world today routinely practice FALSE TEACHING! The BOOK is dedicated to exposing "THE GREAT WHORE" whom is spoken about throughout the SCRIPTURES of the HOLY BIBLE, and most specifically in the 17th and 18th chapters of the Book of Revelation.

A few of the topics discussed are, “The Origin of RELIGION”, “Idolatry”, “HOLY SPIRIT PRESENCE”, “Solicitation of Religion”, “DECEPTION”, “Dancing With the DEVIL”, “DICHOTOMY”, “CALL to the TRIBULATION SAINTS”, “The BEHEADED SOULS” and “JUDGMENT DAY”. Direct and explicit detail is given on each topic covered, and as with Mr. BARBARIA’S other BOOKS, ALL that is WRITTEN is free from opinions and supported with BIBLE SCRIPTURE.

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ISBN: 1-59429-017-2

ABOUT Mystery Babylon the Great Whore

Excerpts from "Mystery Babylon the Great Whore"

Page 12 "Foreword"

“Most of what is taught in Churches is utter nonsense, that which promotes that Church’s religion and hasn’t anything to do with One’s RELATIONSHIP with GOD. Yet every Sunday most people flock to their Churches like SHEEP going to the SLAUGHTER.”

Page 79 "Lucifer, Son of the Morning"

“Lucifer can READ the MINDS of the UN-BAPTIZED, and he has total access to your MIND through your own THOUGHTS. He can implant NEGATIVE FEELINGS, such as; WORRY, GRIEF, DOUBT, and instill FEAR without reason, and then let your own PESSIMISTIC NATURE, create the REASON for the FEELING!”

Page 99 "ANGELS of the Seven Churches"

“The Churches have been given more than an ample amount of TIME to REPENT, and they have not repented, but have grown to be WORSE over time.”


“Many of the so-called Pastors, Ministers, and Priests, who are DESTINED for HELL, are them that confused the ANOINTING they were GIVEN, for SAVING GRACE. These people RECEIVED ANOINTING to SERVE GOD, but were never BAPTIZED in the NAME of GOD, and used their MINISTRIES as a platform to serve themselves rather than GOD.”

Page 217 "Solicitation of Religion"

“All so-called Faiths and Denominations of the Christian Church have FALLEN from GOD and are NOW called the “SYNAGOGUES of SATAN”. Only the BRIDE will be taken out of these Churches; and any person attending them other than the BRIDE sets themselves on the FAST TRACK to HELL!”


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