About the Author: Robert G. Barbaria

Author: Robert G. BarbariaRobert Barbaria is the Author of Revealing The Bible’s Truth, THE ROD OF IRON and Revelation the Fourth Son. Born in San Francisco, California in 1946, Mr. Barbaria grew up in a typical middle-class family and attended the local schools. He joined the Navy in 1965, served in Vietnam and was decorated and honorably discharged in 1968. Immediately after his release from the US Navy, Mr. Barbaria entered into the electronics industry and held various positions within it the past thirty plus years. Mr. Barbaria then started his own consulting firm in March of 2000, calling it “Intimate Resource Counseling.” Intimate Resource Counseling consults both technically and managerially for several major electronics companies with one of its key accounts being the US Navy, where technical assistance is provided on the “Aegis Program.”

On October 13 th, 1997, the Author experienced a supernatural event (explained in Revealing The Bible’s Truth) that changed his life forever. Directed by GOD himself, he was told to write the three books listed above so that one can further understand the Holy Scriptures. Many of the mysteries that are contained within the Scriptures of the Holy Bible are revealed through the writing of these three books, and he also speaks of issues concerning the World’s destiny and also to one’s Spiritual Afterlife. Topics that he discusses are both wide and varied, including the Rapture, Great Tribulation, Alien Life, the Creation and life-cycle of the Universe, GOD, Angels and other fascinating topics.

GOD has given all that is written in the three books to the Author, with its Truth being verifiable by the Holy Scriptures and through a mathematical equation of Holy Numbers. Ironically, the Author had never owned a Bible until 1997, and had no opinions whatsoever on the Word of God, and this is the way God intended for it to be, so HE could teach the Author without him having any preconceived notions of what the scriptures mean. The three books are truly a mesmerizing eye-opener that will leave the reader in awe. In summary, these books are free from any opinions and are the Inspired Word of GOD.


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